Corporate VoIP

Our corporate VoIP service known as Inspira VoIP is a feature rich, single user or multi-user solution. It is an ideal platform on which to build a pro business IP telephony proposition. Providing a cost effective way of accommodating your immediate and future voice communication needs.

By using a suitable broadband or Ethernet connection Inspira VoIP negates the need for multiple PSTN/ISDN telephone lines for traditional PBX systems. Because of this also provides the flexibility to port existing telephone numbers over to the account negating the need to change phone numbers.

With our hosted VoIP system you are able to deploy a flexible telephone system without the costs associated with onsite PBX systems. Calls can be made using existing telephone hardware by using ATAs (Analogue Terminal Adapters), replacing the handsets with IP telephones or using software phones. Meanwhile through our secure online portal you can auto configure hardware, manage call queues, hunt groups and auto attendants. Even get real time reports, all with extensive online guidance.

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Corporate Voip

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