Ethernet First Mile

Our EFM solutions use between two and eight copper pairs. This delivers symmetrical Ethernet speeds from 2Mbps to 35Mbps to your offices situated within 4.8km of the serving exchange. The distance between your premises serving exchange and also your bandwidth requirement determines the number of copper pairs to be used. Our solutions are backed by a comprehensive Service Level Agreement and a choice of backup options to suit you and your budget.

With our EFM we are able to provide you with affordable Ethernet solutions that facilitate and support your adoption of cloud hosted services and IP based voice and data.

Key Features

Highly resilient connection
2Mbps – 35Mbps symmetric speeds
Available to over 60% of UK businesses
Installation usually within in 30-35 working days
Lower installation costs
Comprehensive 100% SLA
Backup options available
business hour return to service guarantee
24/7 UK based tech support
24/7 NOC monitoring and maintenance

Ethernet first mile

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