Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

What would happen to your business if…

  • A company laptop was stolen?
  • Your files became corrupt and were not recoverable?
  • An employee accidentally clicked on a link which encrypted everything on your network and demanded a ransom?

Minor misfortunes happen every day in business. Files become corrupt; hard drives fail; folders are deleted. However, major disasters also occur. Fires wipe out computers and the data on them; ransomware attacks make crucial files undecipherable. Your business needs to be prepared, meaning that an appropriate backup strategy is requires, as well as a disaster recovery plan.

Developing a Data Backup Strategy

Your data backup strategy should fit your unique situation, including the type of data you store, your industry, and your security requirements. There are many factors that are involved:

  • Identify what data needs to be backed up and when – our team can help identify a schedule that meets your time and financial requirements
  • Select the backup techniques to be used – our specialists can advise on the options best for your business
  • Select where to store backups – we can help identify offsite locations
  • Determine how to test backup files – our team can carry out validation testing on your behalf


Devising an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

When some people see the term IT disaster recovery, they think backups. However, having backups is only one part of IT disaster recovery.

  • Recovery strategies – our team can help identify strategies for hardware, software, data and connectivity
  • Identify a restoration order – our experts can help ensure that restoration is a smooth process
  • Business continuity – our team can help you meet recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives

Developing a data backup strategy and a disaster recovery plan can seem overwhelming, however, our experts can help you carry out these crucial processes so you can rest easy.

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