Hosted Exchange

Hosted exchange, Get the benefits of exchange without managing on site servers. With all the available features and benefits we’ve listed   nothing makes more sense.


125GB per mailbox – Each mailbox user has access to a massive 125GB of online messaging space, more than enough for many years of email storage
Custom Mailboxes – Enjoy a professional appearance with [email protected]
Up to 10 aliases per mailbox – Each mailbox can have an additional 10 aliases attached at no extra cost
Shared Calendars and Contacts – Collaborate with everyone by using shared calendars and contact lists
Delegate Access – For example, a senior manager may require a secretary to view his or her mailbox, and send on behalf of the manager


Exchange Hybrid – Combine Inspira Email and Hosted Exchange on the same domain and save money
Outlook Web App (OWA) – Manage your mail from any browser, anywhere, anytime
Outlook auto-setup – Quickly & easily set up a user’s Outlook with just their username and password
iPhone auto-setup – Users can connect their iPhones to their email with just email credentials—no help needed
50MB attachments – That’s twice the size that many others offer
Secure encryption – SSL encryption hides email data during transmission
Backup & retrieval – Recover messages in Outlook for up to 14 days. Restore an entire deleted mailbox for up to 30 days
Email Archiving – Email archiving with unlimited storage and retention, for a small extra monthly charge


Management control – Add, remove and edit users as you go
Migration Services – Let us handle it, or choose our easy-to-use migration tool. Either way, our Migration Team has your back
Premium Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus – Three-layer scanning helps to keep your Inbox safe
ActiveSync Compatibility – Access email on the go! Free for iPhone®, iPad®, Android®, and Windows® smartphones
Public folders – Share emails, documents, calendars and contact lists
Geographically diverse networks – Distributed across multiple data centres, so if one goes offline you’re always backed-up



Resource mailboxes – Create free mailboxes to schedule use of conference rooms, equipment, and more……
Active Directory – Sync your Active Directory with your mailboxes for easy login and management
Shared contacts – Share contacts company-wide via Global Address List (GAL)
Shared calendar – Share your calendar or view others’ calendars, making scheduling easy
Distribution lists – Unlimited distribution lists for sharing information with specific groups
Notes and tasks – The productivity apps you depend and rely on
Send-As permissions – Allow another person to send and accept email on your behalf – perfect for executive assistants


Month-by-month billing – We bill monthly for Hosted Exchange in arrears and not up-front
No long-term contract – We don’t tie you into a long-term contract
Technical support – We’re on hand to give you all the help you need