Microsoft Sharepoint Features and Benefits

Sharing Calendars

  • View the diary of all staff members
  • Effortlessly know the whereabouts of colleagues
  • Choose what to share in your personal/shared calendar

Work from multiple locations

  • Great for home/office/on the road use
  • Access files and documents from anywhere
  • Version control to avoid confusion
  • Pick up where you left off with no hassle

Share files with clients

  • Give your customers access to selected documents without accessing your full SharePoint site
  • Reduces emails back and forth
  • No risk of using old versions

Track work/versions

  • Update multi-tasked files easily
  • Track everyone’s task status
  • Great for when staff members are away from the office
Document FAQ’s

  • Document the answers to FAQ’s from customers
  • Easily accessible by all staff members
  • Submit questions and allocate staff members to respond
  • Saves time when dealing with customer enquiries

Allocate internal permissions

  • Give selected staff members access to specified documents
  • Good for sharing management only documents e.g. reviews, contracts etc.
  • Same approach can be used for restricting calendars access etc.

Manage team discussions

  • Save complicated email threads being passed between staff
  • Demonstrates responses clearly
  • Can add/remove selected staff members

Collate feedback

  • Use open ended questions, closed questions and multiple answers
  • Great for collating staff feedback/opinions
  • Saves time collaborating answers from individual emails
  • Generates response charts/graphs

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