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Threats and Attacks

As the impact and severity of crypto-ransomware threats and attacks has grown over the past two and a half years, There have been many blogs and articles published on how best to defend against these modern day extortionists. We do not believe that our businesses or customers should have to choose between extortion and losing precious, irreplaceable data. We often get asked the leading question: “which endpoint security solution will offer 100% prevention and protection from crypto- ransomware?” The simple answer is none. Even the best endpoint security solution (which we pride ourselves on providing) will only be 100% effective most of the time. At other times the cybercriminals will have found ways to circumvent endpoint security defenses and their attack will likely succeed.

However fast scans, instant installs, and more innovations mean you and your employees stay productive. Our solutions download, install, scan, and detect faster than you can boot up a PC running conventional security software. We have searched tirelessly to find the best endpoint solutions for you at the best possible price! And now we’ve found it! Just taking a few simple steps can mean protecting your organisation from the impact of suffering such an attack and not relying on the goodwill of a criminal to get your data restored and business productive.

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Over 450,000 new malicious software programs are registered each day.

AV-Test, The Independent IT – Security Institute

67% of attacks carried out are for criminal purposes.


No organization is immune to the problem of security risks, regardless of size.

Canalys Research

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