Managed IT Services

No time for IT? Try our Managed Service Solutions.

Once your company has grown past a few PCs and a couple of other networked devices, it’s time to think about a professional solution.

You can hire a part-time or full-time “IT guy”, or contract with a provider to deliver services as needed, or to troubleshoot a problem should your network develop a fault. More businesses are taking advantage of managed IT services that, give them 24/7 support, remote diagnostics and troubleshooting, on-site service when needed, regular reports on the health and efficiency of their network, and planning and deployment services for major projects. At Inspira, we use the some of the best software on the market to offer you a tailored support service that meets your organisation’s individual needs, at the best possible value for money.

In a recent report commissioned by Dell, it is noted that by offloading routine yet vital IT infrastructure duties to a managed services provider, business owners reduce IT operational costs while providing higher IT service levels. Just as importantly, businesses can free up personnel to focus on more strategic issues and less on day-to-day IT infrastructure management.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

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Remote Monitoring and Management

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Network & Systems Security

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Help Desk and Onsite Support

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Laurie McCabe, Partner at SMB Group, Inc.
“With small businesses, most often there’s someone in the organization that is kinda-sorta in charge of IT along with his or her other duties, But at that point when you’re big enough to have a few PCs, a network and a server or two, you’re probably big enough to look at managed services.”

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