Here is a selection of the many tools we have included in your control panel to ensure you have full control over your Windows hosted sites with us. Everyone of the tools is available in your all in one Inspira Hosting control panel, requiring no third party logins or separate portals making your life as easy as possible.

Choose to install shared SSL or purchase a full dedicated SSL certi cate.

Scheduled Tasks
Easily create password protected directories within a hosting account.

MIME Types
Create automated tasks on your account for a small additional subscription cost.

Recycle Application Pool
Should your site experience a scripting or applicaiton issue, this tool resets the resource ‘pool’ the site runs under.

SQL Databases
The ability to add, manage and edit Microsoft SQL Databases.

Create multiple MySQL databases per account and manage via phpMyAdmin.

FTP Accounts
Create additional FTP accounts and manage what they can access or change.

Graphical Statistics
Online graphical statistics retained for the past 12 months to understand visitor behaviour.

Microsoft’s powerful new application model for building dynamically driven sites.

Error Logs
Review a realtime feed of errors occurring on your site. Design error pages to match.

Website Preview
A great facility to preview your new website prior to pointing the DNS across.

Host Restrictions
Congfigure restricted directories for any given site.

Raw Log Files
Enable raw log le collection allowing you to download very detailed statistics.

MySQL Statistics
Graphical respresentation of your database usage. Great for de-bugging.

FTP Logs
A real time look at FTP access attempts and usage.

Suspend Account
Perfect for non-paying customers, all hosting resources can be suspended.

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