Real world skills in challenging times and beyond

COVID-19 meant that many organisations faced challenges and difficulties within their day-to-day operations. Watch this video to learn how the University of Lincoln adopted Microsoft Teams to adapt to the ever-changing situation.

Situated in the heart of the beautiful and historic city of Lincoln, the University of Lincoln has established an international reputation for the quality of its teaching and research. Cloud computing plays an important role in the University’s highly ranked Computer Science programme, but when COVID-19 struck, Microsoft cloud solutions began to play an even more important role for all of the students at the University.

In this video, you’ll gain insights into the University of Lincoln overcame a number of challenges due to COVID-19 with Microsoft Cloud.

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Modernize Endpoints A Zero Trust approach

Modernize Endpoints A Zero Trust approach

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Review the infographic for a breakdown and get a link to sign up for an Endpoint Management workshop.



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