Realising the benefits of a diverse workforce

Accessible job search site Evenbreak has chosen Microsoft technologies to drive inclusivity and collaboration. "Having a diverse group of people working for you actually enhances the ability of an organisation to prosper," Mahomed Khatri, account manager at Evenbreak, says, "now disabled people will be viewed more positively and sought after in organisations across the world." Watch the full story.

Evenbreak is an accessible job search site for disabled people that helps talented disabled candidates and inclusive employers find each other.

“The biggest barrier for disabled people when they’re looking for work is hiring managers’ perception of disability and how difficult it will be and how a disabled person won’t be performing as well as a non-disabled person,” says Jane Hatton, director at Evenbreak, “and that’s never been true, but particularly now when we have so much technology available.”

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Modernize Endpoints A Zero Trust approach

Modernize Endpoints A Zero Trust approach

Microsoft Zero Trust is a security model built on Microsoft intelligent security cloud and endpoint leadership. Remediation (with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint integration) and device configurations optimized for Zero Trust are all part of the journey. With the Zero Trust approach, you build a solid foundation with policy enforcement that has context about people and endpoints.

Review the infographic for a breakdown and get a link to sign up for an Endpoint Management workshop.



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